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"Mitchell Greenberg stepped in at the last minute for the attorney who we had hired but was not available. This turned out to be a great turn of events for our case. Our son was called into court with little time for Mitchell to prepare for his case. Mitchell did a super job familiarizing himself with the case with minimal notice. He did an amazing job negotiating with the other party and was able to get them to drop the case. His mediation and negotiating skills really made a difference. There are still some ongoing legal issues and we have continued to retain Mitchell as we were pleased with his services."

Eileen E.


"I have had Mitch represent me on 2 different workmans comp cases and they were both dragged out but his patience perservered and on both claims he was able to reach a settlement agreeable and very fair to all parties involved. You can waste your time on other lawyers but Alaina whom is his paralegal and he are the best to work with and soon as the settlement was reached it did not stop there as they also stayed on workers comp to make sure any loose ends were tied up such as mileage for doctors visits and other minor loose ends SO THANK YOU LAW CHAMPION for all you have done and don't waste your time on other lawyers , just give Mitch a call and you won't be sorry."

Jesse P.


"Best counsel I have ever retained! Mitch is a highly experienced, effective and passionate about getting his clients the results they retain him for. When other attorneys turned me down or said it couldn't be done, Mitch not only said lets do this, but he also applied his vast knowledge of law in highly strategic and calculating manner which resulted in a ruling I was looking for. Mitch cares and will fight hard for you. If you are looking for a great lawyer, give him a call, talk to him for a while and I think you will agree! Thanks again, Mitch!"

Edward S.


"I would highly recommend Mitchell Greenberg for his services."

Dr. Judy S.


"I want to thank Mitch and the whole team for everything you did for me. You were all fantastic."



Mitch is a zealous advocate for all of his clients. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to his clients. He also has a very helpful and efficient assistant

Dayna Schneibolk-Kipnis


I love his work and his style was very satisfied with him and will call him again again and again

Latanya Lyons


I have used the Greenberg law office and was totally satisfied with thier patience, attention to my concerns and the outcome. I consider Mitch Greenberg my attorney period

Lafaun Davis Sr.


Mitch Greenberg is a great lawyer and wonderful person:)

Tanzina Zina


Tenacious lawyer and an all around great guy!

Matt Farr


I had the pleasure to work under Mitchell's supervision - he's doing a great job at representing his clients with passion and professionalism!

Oleg G.


Mitchell A. Greenberg++ sometimes in life you meet people who genuinely make a difference in yours... sometimes you are lost, need help and stumble upon some truly great people who fight, care and pull you out of a world of hurt... Mitch has done that for me more than once in mine! If anyone in the ~Baltimore, Maryland area ever needs a lawyer (and his practice covers that need) you should definitely call him!!! Mitch++



Happy Birthday Warrior!!! To this day, I have not retained counsel which has measured up to your experience, drive and dedication. Thanks for all that you do and I hope you have a great day with your family. Take care & thanks again!

Edward Snyder