Choose the Law Champion to Fight for Your Rights

Our DUI/DWI lawyer is a top choice in Glen Burnie, MD

DUI law is extremely complex. You don’t want to navigate the system alone after you’ve been hit with a DUI or DWI charge. When you choose LawChampion: The Law Office of Mitchell A. Greenberg, Esq. in Glen Burnie, MD, you’ll have access to a knowledgeable attorney who will fight for your rights.

Our attorney will work with you to discover the facts of your case. He’ll ask questions such as:

Did the officer have a valid reason for stopping you?
Was a breathalyzer test administered?
Did the stop meet all legal and regulatory guidelines?

You can trust us to do our best to minimize the consequences of your charge. Discuss your case with our DUI and DWI lawyer today.

What penalties could you be facing?

A DUI or DWI charge can lead to a number of consequences, including:

Driver’s license suspension or revocation
Jail time
Increased auto insurance premiums
Ignition interlock device installation
Alcohol abuse assessment and treatment programs

The conviction could also appear on background checks that current or future employers perform. Reach out to us today for a lawyer who will fight for the best outcome in your case.