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Law Champion Mitchell Greenberg in the news

From the Facebook Page Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents: CHIEF OF POLICE CANCELS OCEAN CITY BIKE WEEK “NO COLORS” POLICY A.I.M. Attorney addresses Ocean City’s No Colors Policy… GOOD NEWS (Sept 12, 2014): The Maryland Confederation Of Clubs Attorney Mitchell Greenberg approached the Ocean City Police on Thursday, Sept. 11 to address the “NO […]

Representation regardless of race, politics, wealth or sex

The LawChampion represents people regardless of their political affiliation, race, wealth and sex. I also represent people who are charged with terrible offenses, such as murder and sex crimes, and have been proud to either prove their innocence or assist in ensuring that they receive FAIR TREATMENT in discovery and sentencing. Without showing a preference […]

When someone hurts you, stop calling it an accident!

Every time I see a plaintiffs’ lawyer use the word “accident” to describe a car crash, I picture a defense lawyer saying to a jury, “It was just an accident, even the plaintiff’s lawyer says so!” The most common definitions of “accident” are, according to my iPhone: 1. an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and […]

When Can Parents Be Held Responsible For Their Kids’ Actions?

Parenthood — it can be one of life’s hardest and most rewarding jobs. Unfortunately, it can become even harder if a child ends up in legal trouble. What many parents don’t realize is that a juvenile’s legal issues can also involve the guardians; depending on the state, a parent can be held civilly or even […]

When the police come knocking…

Imagine you’re sitting on your sofa when you hear a knock at the front door. You ask who it is and immediately hear, “Police!” What do you do next? More importantly, what can you do next? Here are a few basics regarding your rights and consent to search your property.   Legal Protection The Fourth […]